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The Message (Audio Sermon): <i>Behind the Scenes</i> The Message (Audio Sermon): Behind the Scenes

Rev. Junius Dotson
Saint Mark United Methodist Church
Wichita, Kansas
Reading: Genesis 45:1-11

There is a popular television show on VH1 called "Behind the Music," and it chronicles the rise, and usually the fall, of popular music stars. The premise of the show is that behind the music there are always ups and downs and struggles in a star’s life that we don’t know about.

One of the premises of the show is that we see the glamour, we see the final product, but we don’t see what they had to go through in order to get where they are today. There’s another premise of the show, and that is that there are certain individuals who have been working behind the scenes to make the dreams of whatever star they are profiling a reality.
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